FINLAND: Helsinki Delicacy Markets & Old Market Hall

When you visit another country and want to dive into the culture and society of course you have to taste and explore the local cuisine. Usually you find throughout the cities markets and trading posts, but normally there are some few big main halls where you can get all kind of fresh food and as well handcrafts, cloth or artworks. Of course Helsinki has some interesting and beautiful markets, not to forget the city is located at the seaside, so the harbor and fishing sector is quite big.

The Market Square at the South Harbor also called “Kauppatori” in Finnish is the spot to go on several boat tours to the nearby islands or to the well known war museum on Iso Mustasaari in Suomenlinna. It´s a perfect location to get your dinner and have a break before a tour or after. You should try some of the fish meals served at the several tents outside on the square. Salmon in a soup or from the grill with the traditional rye bread and parsnips are fantastic! As well there are heaps of booth selling handmade Finnish works of all kinds and nice souvenirs. You can get a Nordic helmet, some traditional socks, wooden carvings, glass art or upcycled inventions, but clearly also all types of regional fruits and vegetables, as well delicious hot cooked dishes, especially with fish and seafood. It´s more like a bazaar and the ideal place to have a rest and observe the locals around or the shipping traffic. The tents are heated in the winter, so you can enjoy a steaming hot drink even on the coldest days.

Around the corner inside the Old Market Hall from 1889 you will get a nostalgic vibe of Scandinavian architectural style and you can also find a lot more eatables or groceries you wouldn´t get in the supermarket. The products are all exquisite, usually handmade and Finnish specialties for sure. But inside the building they have more options to cool and to present, so there you have much more meat and cheese, cakes or spices, fish on ice, special herbal creams and venison or game. Boar is quite popular, also elk, reindeer and moose. You should definitely taste some of the “lihapiirakka”, the Finnish meat pastries. It is a nice place to try any of the foods and have a relaxed coffee or tea at one of the bistro corners.

During our visit we went to the Old Market Hall and visited the Market Square at the end of the Esplanade Park at the South Harbor, one of the most international and famous markets in town. Recommendable are as well the Töölö Market Square, the Hietalahti Market Square and Market Hall, the Ruohonjuuri Kamppi, the Food Market Herkku in Itis and the city center, the Hakaniemi Market Square and Market Hall, the Teurastamo and the exquisite delicacy stores of Anton & Anton.


Old Market Hall


   Adress: Eteläranta, 00130 Helsinki

  Open: Mon  – Sat,  8 – 18, Sun closed, in summer and during Christmas Sun 10 – 17

Main Market Square


   Adress: Eteläranta, 00170 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 3102 3565

  Open: Mon – Sat, 6.30 – 19, during summer also Sun 10 – 17

Hakaniemi Market Hall


   Adress: Hämeentie 1a, 00530 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 3102 3560

  Open: Closed, renovation until late 2020. Vendors moved to temporary market hall next door, open Mon – Fri: 8 – 20, Sat: 8 – 18

Detail: Genuine Finnish market hall from 1914, designed by architect Karl Hård af Segerstad.

Hakaniemi Market Square


   Adress: Hämeentie 1, 00530 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 3102 3565

  Open: Mon – Sat: 6:30 – 16, first Sunday of month, Flea market: Sundays with over 200 vendors

Detail: The entrepreneurs Päivyt Toivonen and Orvokki Hyytinen founded the place to make a market for artists, locals and tourists to meet.

Töölö Market Square


   Adress: Töölöntorinkatu, 00260 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 3102 3565

  Open: Mon – Sat: 6:30 – 18

Detail: In summertime small street market with vendors and cafés, on Christmas time vending place for Christmas trees.

Hietalahti Market Square


  Phone: +358 9 310 23580

   Adress: Hietalahti, 00180 Helsinki

  Open: Mon – Fri: 6:30 – 18, Sat: 6:30 – 16  /  Flea Market: Mon – Fri: 8 – 18, Sat: 8 – 16, summer Sun 10 – 16

Detail: Additional popular outdoor flea market

Hietalahti Market Hall


   Adress: Lönnrotinkatu 34, 00180 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 310 23580

  Open: Mon – Thu: 8 – 18, Fri – Sat: 8 – 22, Sun: 10 – 16

The Abattoir – Teurastamo


   Adress: Työpajankatu 2, 00580 Helsinki

  Open: Mon – Fri: 11 – 8, Sat – Sun: 10 – 6

Food Market Herkku


   Adress: Aleksanterinkatu 52, 00100 Helsinki  /  Itäkatu 1, 00930 Helsinki

Phone: +358 10 76 67200  /  +358 10 76 67340

  Open: Mon – Fri: 9 – 21, Sat: 9 – 19, Sun 11 – 18

Detail: Street food and food trends.

Ruohonjuuri Kamppi


   Adress: Salomonkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 445 465

  Open:   Mon – Fri: 9 – 21, Sat: 9 – 19, Sun: 12 – 18

Detail: Since 1982, ten stores in Finland, four in Helsinki. High quality ecological, vegetarian, glutein free, organic and fair trade products, as well natural cosmetics.

Anton & Anton


  Adress: Mariankatu 18, 00170 Helsinki / Kapteeninkatu 26, 00140 Helsinki / Viides linja 10, 00530 Helsinki

Phone: +358 40 773 8484  /   +358 40 715 2200  /  +358 40 5661145

  Open: Mon – Fri: 8 – 20, Sat: 8 – 18

Detail: Full-service food market.


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