CHILE: Streetart Angol – Saavedra 503

This mural was made on the occasion of the National Plebiscite of October 25, 2020, where the citizens of Chile vote to draft a New Constitution through a Constituent Convention made up of 155 members elected by popular vote, half men and the other half women, in addition to 17 seats reserved for representatives of native peoples.

On the first wall, there is an Araucaria tree and a puma with a girl playing next to a phrase that says “Hasta que la dignidad se haga costumbre” (Until dignity becomes a routine).

The second wall has the vote and the suggested alternatives, which finally won by more than 78% of the preferences. Sunday, October 25, 2020, was the day when this historic vote was held.

The third wall has the phrase “Soñemos un mejor país” (Let’s dream of a better country), plus we can see a baby hugging planet earth; a mother surrounded by vegetation, among them the Chilean national flower or Copihue (Lapageria rosea), the famous Chilean Bellflower.

The fourth wall shows a Mapuche and his symbolism with the word “Apruebo” (I approve). This establishes that indigenous peoples are now included in the definition of what Chile is. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sign of the artists of this graffiti.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –  June 2021

Photographer: Salvador Seda

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