CHILE: Streetart Angol – Colipí 699 – Mi Pequeña Venecia – ZEN

The owner of this greengrocer MI PEQUEÑA VENECIA located right on a corner, had the brilliant idea of decorating his warehouse business thematically. And here appears ZEN, a great artist from Angol, who is experimenting in street art.

ZEN in this case created characters with the fruits and vegetables that can be seen on the external walls of this store. Each of the characters has their own personality and style. They are all dancing and interacting.

On Colipí street we have “Pear” represented by a hippie from the 1960’s, with glasses and a necklace with the peace sign. Crowning that idea, the phrase of The Beatles “All We Need is Love” written on the left side of the image of Pear reaffirmed its hippie design. We can also appreciate ZEN’s flop under Pear, one of the traditions how artists leave their tags. The space between Pear and the entrance door of the store is decorated with a lemon, cherries and a Kreems brand ice cream.

To the right of the door, the longest part of the mural begins, which is located on Purén Street. In this section you can see different stages in the creation process of the mural.

“Pineapple” begins to be sketched in circles, which ultimately gives its style at the beach. You can see how Pineapple is comfortably on a float and drinking a piña colada, just like being in the Caribbean. It looks like ZEN put his name on the side of the sunglasses that Pineapple wears, like those famous Ray-Ban-style brand.

And next to Pineapple, as if they were dancing together, is the character Banana. It looks relaxed and pointing its finger to the sky, as if it is lying in a hammock.

Looking like a character playing football or soccer with an apple, we have “Broccoli”; however, it appears somewhat angry and with his glasses using it as a mask, probably to protect against Covid-19. Here you can see well the process of creating the character, from the first strokes to the final details.

Between Broccoli and the next character in this entertaining mural, we have a window where ZEN takes the opportunity to deliver the message “Love Food” and center it on the mural between Broccoli and “Watermelon”.

The last character, Watermelon, is seen with a lot of energy and running full of smile, as if it running on the beach sand. Watermelon looks fresh and three-dimensional.

At the end, a small apple appears on the wall next to the mural. It is no coincidence, because ZEN marked where one of his future works will be located in Angol.

Salvador J. Seda  –  Angol  –  February 2022




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Photographer: Salvador Seda

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