BOLIVIA: Tupiza – Door to the Mountains

Tupiza is the central city in the department of Potosí in the south of Bolivia which is located just in the middle of the Andeans. As well it was our start to a fantastic journey through the mountain desert with phenomenal landscape views and amazing meetings with freak out rock formations. The next days could have been as well on planet Mars.

We just arrived from Argentina and went to the bus station to check the options for the next steps of our travels. But there was no bus, at least none in the next eight hours. So we strolled around the city, had a look on this place here and tasted some delicious Bolivian food. By accident we found a local place for Jeep tours, you can find “guys” offering “tours” directly at the bus station, but they didn´t seem that trustful. This place here we found looked serious and the people have been immediately sympathetic.

If you are travelling alone or just by two, it´s a definitly too expensive choice, but we have been a group with six people, so we could get a nice deal for a whole vehicle with driver. After done the unfogetable trip and after meeting other travellers on the way, it´s very recommendable to book a whole tour to the Salar from Tupiza and not from Uyuni or Potosi. Calculated altogether you get the ride to the Salar and everything else they offer there for the same price. At the end in the Infothek you can find some links to tour agencies in Tupiza, there are quite a lot experienced professionals. And here in the photo gallery you get some trespassing impressions.

If you are in a hurry just stay for a few hours in Tupiza if possible. There are some hostels, but nothing big to see. It´s a passing through location. The small town is the central place of the district or in Bolivian called Municipio Tupiza and capital of the province Sur Chichas. The city is located at an altitude of 2965 meters in the valley of the Río Tupiza, one of the source rivers of the Río Pilcomayo. The area is located in the southern part of the barren plateau of the Bolivian Altiplano.


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