BOLIVIA: Streetart La Paz

On our route from Buenos Aires to the Titicaca lake in Bolivia we passed La Paz. With 750.000 habitants it´s the third biggest city in the country and the domicile of the government, the capital is Sucre. The town is constructed on an altitude between 3200 and 4100 meters into the mountains and you definitly can feel the thin air. But to get a better view you have to climb even higher on the hills and therefore you will get rewarded with a fabulous outlook. The architecture of the squeezed brick buildings extend as far as you can see.

The city is as well one big market packed with sale stands and street food shops. As well in Bolivia there is graffiti and we found some nice pieces on the walls in the alleys of La Paz.


Here is a video about a paint action in La Paz which is  picking sexual violence out as a central theme. The artwork was the highlight on the world summit in 2014 for the termination of sexual violence which took place in the capital.



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