VIETNAM: Little Kingston Reggae Bar – Mũi Né

Vietnam is famous for its delicious cuisine, the marvelous beaches, the jungle or as well for the remains of the underground tunnel system from the war. But the country is for sure not famous for Reggae Music. Let´s see…. maybe just not yet! Actually everything you need for this lifestyle is perfectly there. You just need someone, who is going to establish the concept. Exactly this idea had the former Berliner and now Vietnam citizen Herby. He opened the Reggae chillspot „Little Kingston Beach Bar“ in the beach village Mũi Né.

Herby is Reggae DJ since 20 years and lives since five years in Vietnam. The first three years he was resident DJ and manager in several clubs in Saigon, after quite a while he finally found a perfect place for his own project. We visited him and relaxed at the comfy hammock area at his beach bar location while we recorded an interview about the origin and development of the place.

Mũi Né is a perfect headquarter for cave hikes, sandboarding trips and tours to the inland. Technically the little city is in a travel point of view in „Russian hands”, means, everything is just prepared for Russian all inclusive tourist. Like menus, all street signs, the waiter, guides and just all staff – either they spoke only Vietnamese or as well they could Cyrillic. As well most of the accommodations are just super expensive and fenced mini resorts. Similar to Mediterranean Mallorca for strange German tourist, and here the same for the Russians. But not the  „Ballermann” Mallorca where the party is going on, more the one for the elders and seniors.

But since a few years more and more different travellers are coming and for these people you need as well something appropriate. Some backpacker hostels already opened and you can find a lot of nice lodges or guesthouses. You should definitely make a reservation before, otherwise you could arrive there, have an unsuccessful search for some hours and have to go to one of the overpriced all inclusive castles for the first day(s). The whole area is in a development process, the same with the Little Kingston and the Reggae culture over there. Herby and his team want to bring a bit more of this culture to Vietnam and they are doing this with a lot of awesome music, with fantastic Jamaican Cuisine, plenty of barbecues, tons of parties and most importantly the very laid-back style of organizing the place.

Le Duc from the team showed us around the spot and the beach.

The property is tremendous and in the following month they want to prepare the area for doing camping there. They are searching as well for travelers, who want to work at the bar or in the kitchen for free lodging. Like mentioned before, there are not many locals who can speak other languages except maybe Russian. So foreign speaking staff needed. But as well for non-job-searching visitors it´s worth it to step by. In terms of musical entertainment, bar service and offers there are still not many really nice alternatives to the other average beach crap. The Little Kingston is an interesting beginning and has become quite famous and renowned. The beach bar is located at the outskirts of town, you have to search a bit for it, but ask some people or check Google Maps.


Adress: Little Kingston, 202 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu – Mũi Né – Vietnam

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