USA: Marc Kennedy, Crumb Catcher & The Thick Un’s – News October 2021

Thick Un’s Pop Up, Album Big Crunch and new Word Inventions

Marc Kennedy about his newest projects – October 2021: Since the last interview here on Vagabundler I’ve continued to develop and grow. I’ve defiantly done many more collages. The main new things I’ve done are adapting my art into canvas prints and posters and doing pop-up markets with a full table, release a concept album and corresponding lyric book, and added three new words to the English language!

I’ve always thought my art would look good as a motivational poster. I wonder what kind of productivity the office would have with one of my joints in there instead of a lighthouse. I have a friend who was painting and he started an Etsy shop to sell his canvases. So when I looked into that and saw I could do canvases and posters I decided it was worth a try. I am really happy with how my stuff looks on canvases and of course posters. Long story short, now I have a full table I take around to pop-up markets.

Here is are links to all the merchandise I do:

Wall Art:

The next big thing I did is to release a new album. It’s called “Big Crunch“. Initially, since I have been playing solo acoustic shows while we’ve been looking for a drummer, I wanted to have something to sell with me that sounded like what the people just heard. Well, at some point I was thinking that I wanted to make it something special, since truly acoustic and voice is how I write all my songs.

I didn’t want to make an acoustic album. However, after time went on I began to enjoy what I was doing as an acoustic act. Also, by this time I had developed  a smaller “Thick Un’s” merch table, but none of the CDs I had available sounded anything remotely like what I was actually playing. It’s hard for me to put my finger on when I decided to make it a concept album in the form that it is now.

I know it in part came from the concepts of radio plays, rap album skits like on Doggystyle, and Lee Hazelwood has this album Requiem For An Almost Lady where he includes this banter between each song. I feel like the skits kinda break up the set like a little banter would live. This I remember as being part of what I considered which got me to mixing up a style, story, and theme. So my idea was that it would be all about the stories in the lyrics, and be a super modern day folk album in a true sense. The will lead you to all the links and much more info:  BIG CRUNCH – The Thick Un’s

The third big thing I’m doing involves me inventing three new words: Thicktoks, Crunchtoks, and Wacktoks.

With Thicktoks, I take my existing pictures, and transpose them from a landscape still-life to a portrait experience with sound and movement. Then they dissolve into a snippet of a Thick Un’s song.

A Crunchtok is an extension of the world created in Big Crunch. They are short snippets of life delivered from Crumb Community College Radio.

Now, a Crunchtok features me sleeping in a chair with a cat on my lap. It is with that cat that a Wacktok is spawned. A Wacktok is what happens when I leave a hidden camera on my cat to film her while I’m away. Well, turns out I shouldn’t let her watch me make music at the house…

There will be many more of these coming: marckennedy348 (@marckennedy348) TikTok | Watch marckennedy348’s Newest TikTok Videos

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