Sergiy Lysiuk aka ARM – Mural Artist and Modern Painter

The artists Sergiy Lysiuk aka ARM from Chernivtsi in the Ukraine started dreaming about doing portraits since he can remember. Back in school time inspired by the Hip Hop culture he just simply started spraying toilets but it soon became a deeply passion and developed in a highly talented skill which he is now doing professionally. On canvas he creates very detailed and elaborated motifs of people, this is more the modern art type for galleries and to hang inside a room. But his first excitement is about bigger pieces on the street and the mighty murals. Like he said: On the street it is like an open gallery and free to watch for anyone.



Streetart Krasnoilsk – Artworks by Sergiy Lysiuk

Here is a collection of artworks made by the Ukrainian painter and muralist Sergiy Lysiuk aka ARM around the city of Krasnoilsk.