Kadıköy – İclal Karabekir Graffiti Wall – Urban Art Gallery

In the Kadıköy district of Istanbul on the southern part of the city you can find a long urban art wall at İclal Karabekir Street, which is located between the Erenköy and Suadiye train station. Along that road there are several artworks, but especially around the crossing with Açelya Street is a real spray hot spot with magnificent creations. The area gets frequently visited and decorated by several local artists but also from abroad. The exact location of the artworks is on İclal Karabekir around house number 11.



Painter Ali Zülfikar – Terrified Faces – Emotional Drawings in big Size

Faces speak volumes. From the facial expressions and behavior of the people one can read very easily emotional expressions, but we perceive this mostly in dynamic movement. Reading a life story from an image is already more difficult. Here it is also up to the respective creator to design or record the whole accordingly. The Turkish-born painter Ali Zülfikar is master in this field.