ISRAEL / BRAZIL: Multidisciplinar Artist ALANDER ESPECIE – Paintings, Installations and Macramé

The artist ALANDER ESPECIE is a sculptor and installation artist whose practice of intensive work is based on traditional weaving and macramé with curiousity about how the search for ancestry and his own path intertwine. Collecting everyday objects and utilities, the artist deconstructs in his creations the meaning of his findings and the motifs. Also he is a fabulous painter and also involves his art in social and charity projects.


Born in Rio de Janeiro, in the Estácio neighborhood, the artist lived and spent his childhood, as well as part of his youth, in the northern part of the state in Padre Miguel in Vila Vintem. Basing himself on his quotidian and his experiences beyond his origin, he poetically constructs his narratives. Graduated in fashion, passing through contemporary art courses at the EAV School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage and goldsmithing by SENAC, in the year of 2012 he made his first individual exhibition in the National History Museum of Rio de Janeiro, with the series “Heirs of Tradition” where he appropriates 5 chairs and armchairs of 5 world renowned design icons to deconstruct and redefine them.


ALANDER ESPECIE also signed other exhibitions, such as the Museu da Casa Brasileira with his Migramah Swing seat. Through his project “Balanços” characterized by the swing seats, he proposed to the public a rescue of their childhood, using the swing object as relational art, appropriating the ancestral art macramé and resignifying it. As for the Neo-concretists, for ALANDER ESPECIE the public is part of the work and proposes a sensory relationship of an affective experience. With his challenging personality and his attempt to bring life to his installations, the artist invites the viewer to experience the unusual in the common object, from repeated movements that bring the reflection of his own work. At each node of the macramé frame and in the resistance of the material, the barrier of the sculptural object is broken in the technique of repetition, and the action is found.


Like a mantra, ALANDER ESPECIE creates his poetry and brings the form and the materialization of his answering thought. In the year 2016 he moved to Israel where he re-discovered himself as a painter, self-expressing gesturally and intuitively. In coexistence with other cultures and religions and influenced by the new way of thinking, reading, writing and especially listening, the artist thoroughly investigates the Hebrew alphabet, where he resumes his research, this time in the field of pictorial art, reusing materials, using different techniques, mixing shapes and appropriating the alphabet to create a new language. We spoke with the interesting artist in an interview.


Your work often explores themes of childhood and nostalgia. What do these themes mean to you and why do you find them so captivating?

I’m fascinated by the power of childhood to evoke strong emotions and memories, and I believe that it’s a universal experience that can connect people from all walks of life.


In your series “Heirs of Tradition”, you deconstruct and reinterpret iconic design pieces. What is it about these everyday objects that interests you?

I’m drawn to the cultural and historical significance of these pieces, and I enjoy exploring the ways in which they can be reinterpreted and given new meaning.


Your project “Balanços” uses swing seats as a medium to create interactive and sensorial experiences. What inspired this project and what do you hope people take away from it?

Alander Especie: I was inspired by the nostalgia and joy that swings evoke, and I wanted to create an experience that would allow people to reconnect with their childhood memories.


In your move to Israel, you discovered a new passion for painting and began exploring the Hebrew alphabet. How has this experience transformed your artistic practice?

The Hebrew alphabet is full of symbolism and meaning, and I’ve found it to be a powerful tool for expressing my ideas and emotions.


Your work is often described as being both playful and thought-provoking. What do you think makes your art unique?

I see my art as a way to connect with people on an emotional level and to spark conversations about important issues. I hope that my work is both entertaining and thought-provoking.


What is your dream project or collaboration?

I would love to collaborate with other artists from different disciplines to create a large-scale installation that would bring people together and celebrate the diversity of human expression.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Be true to yourself and your vision. Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks. And most importantly, never give up on your dreams.


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Author & Photographer:  CYSTAL ESPECIE



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