ISRAEL: Streetart Tel Aviv – Hapishpeshim Underground Parking – Tamir Shefer

From the interview with Tamir Shefer: I did some artworks at the parking lot in Yafo. It´s a parking lot where I painted the entrance and then I painted the inside also. And beyond the fact that it was a fun project while working outside and meeting people, the nice thing about it was that the project actually got life of its own afterwards. Yafo is a place where people like to take pictures and photographs, like when they get married and all things like that. So one of my walls there became almost a permanent picture for taking these classic wedding photographs or family pictures. And people send me these pictures also to share them with me. It´s sort of like this streetart has its own life. After you finish it, it can continue to live and create new reactions and new life of its own. This is one of the main reasons why I leave the studio to paint outside. I want to create this vibe and I think it is very important and part of our soul. It´s also a contribution back to the society we live in.

I will tell you the whole story about it. I go every day to swim in the pool outside in salt water next to my house. And there is a whole gang of old people sitting there. They talk outside the pool and usually I don´t pay attention too much. But one day one guy said: “Hey Man, there is this new building next to us and we have this drive way to the parking lot that is really really boring. Maybe you could come and paint that drive way and the entrance of the parking lot?” That was the main parking lot of the flea market in Yafo in Tel Aviv. They said they would ask the neighbors if I can paint there and they would give me some paint. So I started painting around my house and I kind of marked my area. A lot of streetartists like to create a territory. It´s a part of the creation. So I said, yes, great, let´s do it! I started painting there and I was standing outside on this big wall with nice sunlight. And the people who actually agreed didn´t really know to what they were agreeing to. So in the beginning there just stopped every car which was going down and the people asked: “What are you doing here? Why are you painting here?” and “Who gave you permission?”

But actually what happened then, it was quite a lot of fun. It started out with the entrance of the parking lot. Once I finished it a lot of the neighbors saw that it is really nice to enter the parking lot with all this color around them. And they said: “Hey, why don´t you do some more?” Now it´s a huge parking lot and the main parking lot for the flea market in Yafo. It´s very big and the only one you can park in. And it looks terrible. It looked like a really disgusting place. And they said: “We will all put in some budget, all the neighbors. Here is a big complex and we all pay you to do that”. So since I am total I said, when they pay me to do all the inside of the parking lot why not also making the signs of the parking lot.

A complete and a full experience. So I started doing that and we had this fun project. The people really were having fun. And at some point when I finished the project I thought, ok, I will leave now everything, that´s it. But then I started to get these pictures on Instagram or on Facebook. It turned out that place started to become famous. Yafo is a very popular place to get married and you take usually pictures next to the sea or on the old wall. But now suddenly this spot became one of the hottest spots to take pictures. And slowly models started to come and taking pictures with their cloths there also. Once a friend called me and told me that there is a new commercial out on television. And it´s all happening on my wall. Also musicians came and started playing on this wall. So slowly there started a whole new story around a creation. (from the interview with Tamir Shefer).

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