GERMANY: Streetart Berlin – Pankow – Pasewalker 120 – REGINA KOCHS

Schlauchreserve  –  Hose Reserve

This artwork is made on the new fire station in Pankow by artist REGINA KOCH from Cologne in May 2014. Painter master JOCHEN SCHUMACHER supported her during the creation.

REGINA KOCHS about the mural: “The work of the fire brigade serves as the basis for the “Schlauchreserve” (=”hose reserve”) design for the new building of the Berlin-Pankow fire station, which requires clear order in the face of situational unpredictability and disciplined calm when chaos can be seen quickly. The facade painting consists of two parts: order, structure, calm and repetition are shown in the entrance area and the chaos to be cleared is shown on the side gable wall. At the entrance, a yellow line is stacked on a blue background. Just as all the equipment in the fire truck is precisely sorted and every tiny space is filled, so the line fills the entire width of the wall like a neatly stacked hose. It is a symbol of order, structure and calm concentration in the fire station. Parallel to the road, the “tube stack” picks up the horizontal road movements. The entire light blue accentuated entrance area refers to the extinguishing agent water and invites you into the building with its friendly light colors. A small hose end on the street facade points to the gable wall. Here a playful approach to the subject of chaos unfolds. A line of slightly nuanced hoses allows free movement. It represents the daily challenge of the fire fighters to quickly sift through sometimes chaotic situations. It also shows the team spirit, because many hose parts are lined up to form a whole, just as work can only be successful hand in hand.”





Photographer: HOLGER PETER

Hashtags: #PeterEatAndArt #BerlinStreetArtPeter


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