FRANCE: Streetart Toulouse – Bonnefoy – 25 Rue d’Armagnac – FIST

The International Sticker Festival  of Toulouse (FIST) is a new appointment around street art organized by the association TLSE SLAP. Here you can see an artwork from its 5th edition which took place from 6th to 22nd February in 2020.

The organizers about their great event: The FIST unites in a single space little pieces of art that you would usually encounter in the street, on a street sign or high up on a drain pipe. Street art includes many different kinds of techniques and practices, such as sticker art, graffiti, stencils, mosaics and installations… Practices that bring change a true re-appropriation of contemporary art by the artists.

Urban art should not only finds its support in public spaces, which is why TLSE SLAP decided to step out of that frame and create a link between the street and the art gallery, to show some still unappreciated sides of this alternative movement. Believe us when we say they are plenty, and each year the festival exhibits more artists, whose art works are stuck on different supports all around the globe.

The festival collects contributions sent throughout the world by artists who are active in the movement of “sticker art”. The great majority of these contributions are used to create original installations for the exhibition, and the rest is made available to the public for the whole duration of the event!

Wether you are curious or a collector, you will dive into a very special universe, a space of ephemeral creation and of shared efforts, where the exhibition enters an interactive process with the participants. Creativity’s only limits are the ones that we impose on it, feel free to bring you creations to share or exchange them!  –  FIST


Event:  FIST  –  International Sticker Festival  of Toulouse

Facebook:  Event-Page

Curator:  TLSE SLAP



Photographer: JULIEN CANADAS





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