CAMBODIA: Phnom Penh – Tuol Sleng Genozid Museum

The Photo Gallery about the Tuol Sleng Genozid Museum is already online, an extensive Article is coming soon. Especially about this place here. After visiting the whole group didn´t say any word for hours. To see all this and get into it. That was ruff, and emotionally painful to realize. How can human beeings – or let´s say “we”. How can we be that fucked up? But hopefully it will get better, these places here are fortunately history. Hopefully we have been that fucked up and hopefully we develope and stuff like this doesn’t happen again. Or not that much anymore. Or whatever. It is like it is, but we can learn.  — For now just the photo gallery – article, story and more Information are in progress.


>>> Phnom Penh – City Reportage <<<

>>> Tuol Sleng Genozid Museum <<<

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>>> Angkor Wat – Mystic Plaza <<<

>>> Angkor Wat – Central Monument <<<

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