ALBANIA: Albanian Cuisine

Here is a little photo collection of the delicious and awesome culinary meals we could eat during our journey through Albania. In Tirana we could go to some upper class restaurants, but the best meals and the most interessting ones we just got in the villages, from the auntie-places, in real places where they still cook with passion. I think each of us gained during the trip several kilos… We spend a lot of time in the car driving and as well in relaxing eating places. Like everybody knows, the best dinner, soups and cakes you get at your grandma´s table.

In Albania they have very nice styled places in the bigger cities and holiday spots like Tirana and Saranda. The Greek island Korfu is as well very close by in the southern part. So in the south you have as well a lot more influence to the hellenistic cuisine. It´s the same for the northern part of Greece, close to Albania, the cuisine is mixed with a lot of Albanian cuisine. During our nice roadtrip and street journey through the country, from the capital Tirana to the south, to the east, up north again and back to the start place, we visited really a lot of places. I can tell you: The food is just damn good!!! Each region, each city, each “grandma-place” has its own style, wonderful!


The Ozzie-Albanian Steak….   🙂  We got this very delicious pieco of meat served in  Pogradec near the Makedonian border. It just looked like Australia!!! And we ate it, and it was delicious!


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>>> Skotis Hostel – Berat <<<

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