ARGENTINA: Streetart Palermo

If you calculate the area the city is not much bigger than Frankfurt in Germany, but therefore it has a habitation of about three million people. And if you count all the suburbs and connected districts as well you will be fast cross the ten million line. So many people, so many interessting stories and lifes. In Buenos Aires live a lot of different people from all around Argentina and Southamerica, it´s the little New York of the South wth all its different styled quarters.

You have as well quite a lot of artists and sprayers, the walls are covered with nice artworks and whole streets are just one piece of color. Most of the habitants of those neighbourhoods are the artists themselves and they paint and design their home like they want to creatively invent it.

There are heaps of damn good graffitis and murals, fantastic wallpaintings and arousing stencils. There are more pictures from the quarters Palermo, San Telmo und Recoleta.


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