SRI LANKA: Nuwara Eliya – Tea Plantations, Agriculture & Lake Gregory

After spending some time on the coast, we ventured into the interior of the country, which really showed us how diverse Sri Lanka is in every aspect, even though it is actually only a small island. Nuwara Eliya is located roughly in the middle of Sri Lanka and also in the middle of the hilly tea plantations. Everything looks completely different again, not just the nature but also the architecture. The place seems like an enclave of rich landowners who have built a racecourse, cricket fields, chic residential complexes and hotels, and who have converted Lake Gregory into a small recreational and leisure park. There are really a lot of horses around, also for rent, as well you can book water cruises, charter pedal boats and even jetskis. The small town with around 27.000 inhabitants has grown up around the lake, which is a good source of water for agriculture. And the hills around it are completely filled exclusively with the best tea plantations. A walk through the groves is really impressive and the mountain views are outstanding. Recommendable for a beautiful stop to have a short rest, but definitely not typical Sri Lanka. But also a part of Sri Lanka and should be seen.

First the idyllic Tea Plantations

Mostly Tea, but also other Vegetables

The Town and the Farms around

The Horses and the Racecourse

Some other Animals

Lake Gregory  –  Leisure and Relax…

For even more Leisure, there is the Leisure Park, with a Disco Bus

Besides Leisure, also some sports: Cricket and Volleyball

Street Life and the People around

Old Architecture, a Swan and a strange Helicopter

Military Station with honorary Monuments

And of course, there is also a Temple

At the end we have a little mystery that we’re still not sure about why this was done that way or maybe one of the workers was just drunk. If you know more about these twisted traffic lines on the road, please write to us. We did not see this anywhere else on the whole island, just on this one single place. So it could really have been a drunk worker, but it’s far too accurately done and precise. It’s probably supposed to have a meaning, but what is it? Braking, otherwise you skid?


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