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( 1 ) Character Jam Workshops

Justus Becker conducts workshops with children during the Character Jam at the Youth Center Am Bügel. He explains how to design graffiti and how to bring it to the wall with spray cans. The audio podcast is in German but you can find the translated interview below.

What do you show in your workshop?

I explain some of the basics. At first on the paper, there I demonstrate a few things. And I show what graffiti is all about, how to play with letters, and how to best implement it. And then we all try a bit on paper and then we go out. On the walls the kids can spray, there is already sprayed on and there we can try the whole thing out with the spray can.

You have walls here where they can just try it out.

Yes exactly. So right now, the event is that we’re all pretty much figurative now, with fewer letters. That’s why it’s called Character Jam. There are also many older sprayers who do great things here. And that is simply nicer for the kids from the youth center, as if everyone is now painting his letters. This has become a problem for the kids here at the Jugendhaus itself. Because they could not understand it or identify much with it  anymore.

You mean if there are too many writings? So the kids want to see more character?

Yes, the wish actually came from the kids who are here every day at the youth center. Because they grew up with the graffiti here. Here is the whole youth center full of graffiti for 20 years. However, they themselves are not so related to graffiti that they can now read any picture. And some older people always come from somewhere and paint their letters here. And the kids said that they can connect more with the figural graffiti themselves. Then the wish was that if there is a jam or a bigger event then it should be painted more figuratively.

The children are there every day and should also get a connection to their environment, maybe some will discover a preference for painting.

Many of us paint figurative and fewer letters nowadays. So that’s true. Actually that’s not such a change now that we have to adapt so much. In fact the event attracts those who paint figuratively anyway. And then it’s a cool thing.

Do you have a specific theme every year or is it completely free?

That is completely free. There are a few here who make community walls. So there, where then which paint together, of course, make their own concepts. They have their own ideas. But otherwise everything is different. Tomorrow I’m going to paint for myself, which I think up so spontaneously.

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