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In an interview with artist Balázs Vesszösi alias BOBOTER ONE we talked about his graffiti art and the Character Jam. The audio podcast is in German but you can find the translated interview below. As well there are some videos included from the Naxos Bande of the Naxos Atelier.

Tell me a little bit about the Character Jam and what you are doing here.

The Character Jam takes place once a year. Here, regional artists are invited, who then have the opportunity to redesign the walls here. That’s nice. That’s a very nice meeting. You meet the people you have not seen for a long time. You have two wonderful days where you paint, chill and talk together. Yes, that is always great.

You have set up a supporting program. It’s not just about painting, but you also want to inform and teach others how to paint. So there are workshops and stuff like that.

Yes exactly. So Justus is here. COR. He’s doing the Graffiti Workshop for the kids this year. They get an introduction and he explains how it all works. Of course we are also there, they can always talk to us and ask us or if they want to know something. That’s not an issue at all. We are relatively open. Of course, there are some who just want to be left alone, but it is nice to have an exchange and to learn what the kids are interested in.

The whole youth center is a showcase anyway, whether it’s music, break dance, graffiti or youth work in general.

Yes, sure. But unfortunately, there are still too few walls in Frankfurt, where you can try and let off steam. Meanwhile, there is just the Ratswegkreisel, which is now officially open as a Hall of Fame. But before that there was relatively little. And this at the Bügel was just one of the few pioneers where you could paint freely for a long time.



It’s also the picture of what many people have about graffiti. Many also can not distinguish between garbage, tags, larger lettering or huge complex murals. But by walking around here at the youth center you can see many magnificent and great artworks every year.

A point is as well that many do not have the opportunity to really see graffiti, because we do not have so many legal areas to try on. Therefore, many go out on the street and lubricate around and try out. Because they have no other option. Unfortunately, that is also the big part that the population perceives and that is also an occasion of this Character Jam event here tho show how it can look like. To show time by time to the public that this are no vandalism paintings and this is graffiti as well. And it is also possible to make the walls beautiful and to create something that will add value for the people.

So you do that once a year and then you redesign the entire building.

Yes exactly. The whole house, as you can see, is being completely redone every year. So all the walls. But there is a big wall, that’s the one on the stage. It will then be thematically painted with a lot more people. So there are the really blatant professionals on it. And around there are also a lot of walls for beginners. Everybody has the opportunity to come by and try out. Yes, and that is really some fun.

I am glad that a few days ago I took nice pictures of the stage. Now something new is coming up. Do you already know what that is going to be? Or is this only being designed?

So that is very different. There are some who go to the walls with a clear concept. Others paint relatively freely. We have now roughly talked about this among us and then let ourselves drift a bit. We’ll see how that develops. That’s the exciting thing, too. So not knowing exactly how it will look exactly at the end, but then we will complement each other the whole time. That’s a process.

Tell me something about your wall. So you do it by two or how many?

I am painting it with three others, we are four. For now and for the content it is always a bit difficult to give a statement, but the topic is somehow free fall. So the figures should move relatively freely in the room. ALICE and BUD have now chosen the bird, yes classic for it. And I have the rabbit. That’s my thing. And then a little bit of the robot style to make it pure. Hence my name, BOBOTER ONE. Yes and the plan is that the rabbit will catapult himself with blubber bubbles that come out of his ass. But we will see that later. So we are all trying to deal with the free fall and the air. And then each of their own ideas develops. Today we try as good as possible to get through and then tomorrow to make the fine feeling and yes, just to have a relaxing weekend.

Yes, there are many walls and there is a lot to do.

And we’re lucky with the weather this time, you have to say that too. The last few years have always been bad. It still looks good. Let’s hope it stays that way.






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