SPAIN: Pamplona – Sanfermines and Race de Toros

The city and the festivites are awesome, but the reason is very questionable. But it´s the tradition and they keep on doing it. We visited Pamplona, the Fiestas de San Fermín and went as well to the colosseum to watch the “famous” fighters and “great” encounters. It was just horrible, disgusting and we didn´t make it long. Or let´s say the surrounding didn´t make us stay long. We got kicked out after half an hour because we couldn´t stay calm and started commenting… Yes, tradition is good and it´s good to preserve it. Killing life isn´t necesarily included. Everybody can have his, hers, its, whatever opinion. Mine is this: I definitly don´t like it to kill animals for fun! This has to stop! But this is just one part of the event, the city is much more about and culture and socity is very complex and difficult. Like everywhere.

Pamplona is still a great place though, the architecutre is nice, the little restaurants and bars, and you can get the local flair. During the festivities the city drives crazy, the same like it is in València during the Fallas. They all have their own special  individual own freak out days in Spain, each city or reagion, and on these days they just freak out in that way. Actually a very nice atitude.

Building hills with people and jumping down is great. Working a whole year on creative structures to completely burn it down afterwards with half the city is even better. And of course, the most fabulouse one I really love is the Tomatina in Buñol near València when there is just an ultimate fight everybody against everbody, but the only weapon is a tomato. The whole city is red afterwards…. But because of tomatoes. All these freak outs are alright. I just cannot get along with the “killing-for-fun-freakout”. This has to stop.



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