OMAN: Adventurous Wadi Shab

A wadi is a valley or river that often leads to water only after heavy rains. Surprising flash floods can be caused by distant thunderstorms that fall in the correspondingly large catchment area of the wadi. The stay in Wadis with steep banks, but also in very wide wadis can become life-threatening in such cases. We went on a exploring tour to see some of those wadis, in summer time there is definitly no danger, maybe you could fall asleep and drown while relaxing in warm chilled basins and swimming pool like valleys of the wadis. One of the those famous and fantastic wadis is Wadi Shab, which we visited on our journey.

Wadi Shab is located from eastern Hajar to the Gulf of Oman at the height of the village of Ash Shab, where it can be crossed by the new four-lane road connecting Qurayyat at Sour, or on a boat. Like the Tiwi wadi running parallel to it a little further south, it is part of the Ash Sharqiyah region. The site was searched between 2001 and 2005. It is also a quite very popular hiking destination. We found as well some graffiti around the area, here you get to the Streetart at the Wadis.


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