LUXEMBOURG: JAEK – Graffiti, Fashion and Spray Art

Cool abstract cats on t-shirts, yoda graffiti and colored wall paintings. That´s what JAEK from Luxembourg is doing. We told you already about the Service de Sports and the Graffiti Bonanza in the city. While we went observing and photographing like crazies through that areal we met the sprayer and graphic designer JAEK. That´s his artist name, but as well the name of his logo and his fashion label. Originally the artist is from Belgium and studied graphic design in Brussels. Meanwhile he is working and doing art projects in Luxembourg. Regularly he creats new work pieces in the old industrial compound, he designs collages or print motives and he established his own clothing assortment.

JAEK just finished priming and adding a black undercoat on one of his existing graffitis to paint a new piece on it. The black color was on the wall and had to dry, the spray-colleague was late, a perfect break for a little interview. JAEK told us about his graffiti actions, his t-shirt shop and about the streetart scene in Luxembourg.

The prints on the shirts have been graphic works besides the graffiti art in the beginning. Step by step he started putting these graphics on other objects; as well he is doing graffiti with spraycans on canvas. He takes these prints and graphics, puts them together with other existing photos and pictures and creates a nice collage which reminds on pop art or the pop culture of the 60s.


I love the internet, I love the print medias as well. But here I can just add new information super easy. And time goes on, new ideas evolve and stuff happens. JAEK sent me some new impressions of his doings, here are a few pics and a nice video.


Artist:  JAEK




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