LUXEMBOURG: Kasematten and The Grund

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, French: Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) has 602.000 habitants and is the last remaining Grand Duchy or Grand Princedom of formerly twelve existing ones in Europe.

The state borders to Belgium, France and Germany and forms the Benelux or Low Countries with Belgium and the Netherlands. The mainly rural shaped region is marked by the compact forests and natural reserves of the Ardennes in the north, in the east there are the rocky gorges of the Müllerthal and in the southeast the Moselle Valley. A dream for all nature lovers and hiking fans. The capital is called Luxembourg as well and is famous for its medieval old town which is located on a hill.

During a holiday you should definitely visit the Bockkasematten. It´s a cave-defense-labyrinth-network, which is carved and build into the rocky mountain and integrated to the Burg. The view out of the shooting holes is awesome and the exploration of the many underground corridors is adventurous.

Another recommendation is the „The Grund“, a really beautiful quarter near the river and an abbey with a lot of green spaces. Around the city there are as well various viaducts built by the Romans but meanwhile used as streets for cars and bridges for trains.

The cathedral Notre Dame and the Philharmonie are two other spots you could spent some time for observing, they are architectural masterpieces. All sights are close by and you can reach the places easy walking.


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