ARGENTINA: Writer and poet Mauro Tommasi – Microatajos

When we did our tour through the mountains of Albania in April we met a poet from Argentina in a hostel. He writes and travels around the world. But he constantly returns to his home city Buenos Aires in Argentina, where he has his literature and poetic network. A network connected and included in the work of the national museum and a network with a lot of other literature nerds. There he organizes readings, literature events, think tanks for poets and other creative stuff…. but then… after a while…. from there he has to go on the road again. To do the same in other cities like in Madrid. And to experience new places, to think about things, new things, and in the end to write stuff about all that and maybe to give some impulses to others who have the patience and the creative mind to read it. In spring we have been at Skotis Hostel, we wrote about it before. The name of the writer is Mauro Tommasi and he writes shortstories. No wait… that´s the wrong word. More short-impulses, poetic style. Something like this. If you are able to read Spanish, check out the website, there is a lot more of his writing.

When we have been in Berat, Albania, we did an interview with him about the art and literature in Spain, about his own and about travelling and perspectives in general:





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