JAPAN: Cuisine Japonese and Nippon Snacks

The cuisine of Japan is just unique and has to offer a whole new dimension of new delicious and some strange but still also delicious foods. And as well some absolutely total akward but even still delicious stuff. Yes, delicious is the word. Sometimes it looks very strange, but it tastes really awesome. The food is just super great, but in general it would be good if you like fish, seafood and rice.

The process of preparation of some of the dishes are exciting to watch like a show of itself and it seems that the cooking of mostly everything is realy a kind of profession and fantastic art. On the other hand you have the colored automatas and the funky food machines where you can buy coffe, drinks, even some maki or nigiri snacks and just actually every kind of food at every street corner.

Here you have a collection of the nice dishes we ate and the magnificent food makers we encountered around places on the South of the Japanese main island Honshū and the island Shikoku. But take care, these photos could make you hungry! 🙂

During our time in Osaka my good friend Maru was just a super fantastic guide through local restaurants and food specialities. He is also the organizer of the fabulous UNSALTED drum & bass events. You can find as well a fantastic interview with Munetoshi Maruyama here.