GREECE: Thessaloniki – Kapani Market – Culinary Graffiti

The Kapani Market is one the most traditional markets in Thessaloniki. It serves the needs of the consumers since the Ottoman occupation in the beginning of the 15th century. The whole area is covered with single shops who offer regional vegetables and fruits, great spices, various types of meat and fish, and of course the famous Greek olives in numerous sorts. But you can get as well travel equipment, kitchen utensils, clothing, shoes, ecclesticals and souvenirs. Everything quite reasonalbe, with good quality and for a cheap price. There are as well a lot of little cafés and food stores around the place, where you can have a lunch break, as well at some of the shops you can eat directly some prepared snacks. The stores are open every day from 5 o´clock in the morning till 6 o´clock in the afternoon. Except sundays, then the market is closed. But not for me and not for the graffiti lovers. If you like streetart you should as well go especially on a Sunday, because then you will see what is hidden on the shop doors. They are just all covered with graffiti, tagging and paint. Some well done, some not that nice, but still it´s full of it. Check out the two different galleries by clicking on the pics below. The one is for the market during it´s operation hours, the other one is a collection of the streetart on the buildings and gates.


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