GERMANY: Streetart Nordheim – Rundweg – Spiral

Nordheim Walk – Part (2):  The Spiral

The spiral is reminiscent of a snail – a symbol of slowness and the possibility of pulling into its snail shell if necessary. From the straight, mechanical line that dominates our world – to its organic living counterpart: the spiral. This spiral here made of sandstone is designed as a dry wall and is intended to provide a habitat for drought-loving animals and plants. Dry walls traversed the Württemberg vineyards as landscape-shaping elements, since viticulture conquered the slopes in the Middle Ages. On these walls, specific communities of warmth and drought-loving plants and animals have developed. One type of character is the wall lizard, which is also found in Nordheim. The spiral wants to be a place where you feel comfortable. (Info-Table-Text)


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