EGYPT: Kom Ombo – Crocodile Museum, Architecture & Street Life

The Crocodile Museum  –  Mummified Crocodiles

The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods sent physical manifestations of themselves to earth in the form of their totemic animals. Thus, at Sobek temples a live crocodile, recognisable by specific markings, was thought to contain a spark of the god within, and was worshipped and cared for by the priests during its lifetime. After its death, the spirit of the god would move to another crocodile’s body, while the dead crocodile would be mummified and ceremoniously buried in a special cemetery. Pilgrims who came to pray to Sobek would also give votive offerings in the form of small mummified crocodiles, stelae, or statues to the god; these too would be buried in cemeteries, such as that of el-Shatb. You can visit the temple and there is also a special museum for the mummified crocodiles.

Kom Ombo City Ride


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