Antwerp – Belgian Waffles, Rampage Party and Banksy

Belgium is one of the most underestimated countries in Europe. Yes, it is a very small place in terms of surface area and is therefore not visually significant when you look on the map of Europe. This is quite a pity, because Belgium has a lot to offer and provides surprises in terms of culture, art or evening activities and celebrations. A good mood is definitely pre-programmed. Belgium is more than just an insider tip! We went to the Rampage Festival, ate delicious waffles and have been inspired by the fabulous artworks at the Banksy Exhibition.



Banksy Exhibition in Antwerp

He is probably the artist of the moment in the stencil sector and by doing freak out art at random suprising places which is just making you think about issues and art also. And this went worldwide and the guy is keep on doing. Very nice!. Even in Corona times, he shoots really good stuff! Everyone knows him, but they don’t know him. Confusing, isn’t it? Such a short drumroll. None other than „BANKSY”. There was a great exhibition about his atworks in Antwerp at the same time while we have been around and we actually really found it! That was worth two Brouwer’s beers in a row! We just saw it by accident, it is cool, but we don´t have time to do it later, so means we have to do it now! It was defilitely worth it!



Nearly abandoned village Doel – Streetart and Graffiti Collection

Doel is part of the municipality of Beveren in the Flemish province of East Flanders in Belgium. Plans to expand the huge closeby Antwerp Port to Doel and demolish the village have been in place since 1965. However, continuous protests by the villagers have prevented this so far. In the meantime, graffiti has been used as a helpful tool and the village declared itself as kind of an open urban gallery. Of course this attracts a lot of artists from all around and also art-loving visitors.