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Being able to exhibit as an artist in a gallery or even in a museum is a long and difficult journey. Due to socio-culturally shaped exclusivities such doors are opened to a few. Through relationships, the academic career, the finances, by luck or really the absolutely outstanding talent and a lot of hard work it already works, but there are not so many galleries and exhibition venues. This is also due to the high maintenance costs, the low subsidies and the conditional demand for art objects in general.

But we are now living in the 21st century. The Internet alone can be a creative gallery for high-quality exhibitions. In addition, the online channels offer fast, easy and inexpensive ways to organize events in the World Wide Web or in real life and to network. Of course, small photos on the screen can never replace the viewing effect of a picture in front of it, but it can provide a foretaste and is an important part of the preparatory links between the creators, which then ultimately lead to just such real exhibitions.

The painter and online curator Alexander Grauberger has set up the art platform ART Archiv to creatively use exactly these new instruments. He networks and presents people, great events have already started and the international team is growing. Some German artists, but also hat design from Indonesia, watercolor from Paraguay and abstract drawings from Luxembourg are included. The ART Archive is not just about getting artists to know each other, the platform brings people who own spaces together with those who fill them with art. On both sides there are supply and demand of the respective existing with the other parties. So an interesting marketplace for artists who want to get in contact with other artists or even with exhibitors, buyers and art fans. Likewise, it is a forum for room owners who want to present artists, for visual enthusiasts who just like to look at works of art, or those who want to acquire the works. There are no limits to creativity, the last vernissage took place, for example, in the Floristry Morgentau in Aschaffenburg. Art in the flower shop, why not? In an interview, Alexander Grauberger tells us about the concept of ART Archive and the participating artists.

The ART Archive should provide for a dynamic development of the connection of visionary artists of all kinds. The fields are kept very open, in the sense of art. Whether film, photography, painting, music, sculpture, literature or whatever else is there. An unspoken admission criterion is that the person should see himself as an artist or artist in the creation of respective works of art. Alexander Grauberger wants to set up a large network, the contact is simply by message via Facebook on the ART Archiv page or directly by phone.

It all starts small, but if there is some endurance to an idea with passion and energy, then such projects can really be a nice thing over time. The Facebook page is already very exotic and exciting, but with appropriate development will certainly follow its own website. The previous works were all by Alexander Grauberger himself, but here are also a few other artists from the ART archive with photo material and contact information.


A real power woman with glorious ideas and creative power. She paints abstract and bizarre pictures, colorful and colorful.

Country:  Paraguay / Germany

Art:  Acrylic / Oil / Aquarelle



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An absolute winner of energy-innovation-winners for the ART archive from Indonesia. With his HITHAT creations, he enriches the platform with fantastic hat ideas.

Country:  Indonesien

Art:  Hut Design / Musik / Streetart


ART Archiv Article:


With a lot of soul and a little bit of beautiful color, Laura captures the character and the inner being of the given. Her quick and easy brush stroke gives suppleness and noblesse.

Country:  Germany

Art:  Acrylic / Aquarelle / Expresionism


ART Archiv Article:


No trace of melancholy with this power girl. She takes you into a mystical, spiritual and supernatural world. The magical artist.

Coutry:  Luxembourg

Art:  Acrylic / Aquarelle  / Surrealism / Abstract


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The art world needs conviction men. This talented artist is definitely one of them. This year, another ART Archive exhibition with Aldy is on the program.

Country:  Indonesia

Art:  SteetArt / Canvas / Sculptures


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A visionary artist and DJ also called “Tong”. It is impossible not to look at his pictures.

Country:  Germany/ Indonesia

Art:  Design / Abstract / StreetArt / DJ


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Alexander Grauberger:

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