KYRGYZSTAN: Kloop Radio Kyrgyzstan

We want to present you a new and interessting radio projekt of the Kloop Media Foundation in Kyrgyzstan which you should support. Ilona Pfeffer started with a lot of effort to built up a new online radio which went on air in 2014: Kloop Radio. Meanwhile the radio has about 60.000 listeners monthly and has a 24/7 programm.


In 2007, Kloop Media was a small news portal which hardly anyone knew outside of Bishkek. Today, it is one of the major media in the country. They not only widen the scope from texts only to text, photography, radio and video, they are also setting trends in new technologies.

With just a little budget and some necessary equipment Ilona Pfeffer started the radio as well with the help of students and now it´s running around the clock as online radio. Those students who live in Bishkek spend nearly all of their free time at Kloop or on journalistic missions, but they also invite and educate students from rural regions for most of which this is the first contact with media and a unique chance to learn journalistic skills. When they finish their courses, they take back the knowledge to their villages and help building up their own small community radio stations. Every year Kloop educates about 60 students.

The radio moderator Ilona Pfeffer tells us about herself and the radio station:

Crowdfunding: Support Kloop Radio

At the moment the radio has some new devices, but mostly very old and as well not completly functioning second hand equipment. Radio Kloop started a crowdfunding campaign to ensure the continuing and developing of the project.

The 2500 Dollar which are hoped to raise will be spent on:

  • Radio broadcast mixer: Allen&Heath XB-14 ($1527)
  • Headphone amplifier: Behringer HA8000 Powerplay Pro-8 ($162)
  • Expander/Gate/Compressor/Peak-Limiter: Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL ($162)
  • 19“ Rack: Thon Studio Rack 6U 38 ($53)
  • as well as small pieces of studio equipment like cables, bar stools for the DJs, sound proofing

Here you find as well a video about Kloop Radio and the crowdfunding campaign:



Website Kloop Radio:

Live Stream at TuneIn: