GERMANY: Exhibition Nordheim – Talstraße 31/1 – Nordheimer Scheune – The Crisis in Geometry. An Eye On. – CIM JUBKE

The Crisis in Geometry. An Eye On. – CIM JUBKE

From March 5th to April 16th, 2022, the fascinating artworks of CIM JUBKE could be admired in the exhibition “The Crisis in Geometry. An Eye On.” in the Nordheimer Scheune. Together with Lin Olschowka and Edgar Unger the artist runs the creative space Wieoftnoch in Karlsruhe, which opened on March 25th, 2021. In this article here you will see several of his interesting creations from the solo exhibition in Nordheim, which is a beautiful town located around 100 km northeast from Karlsruhe.

Curator Helmut Albert Müller about the exhibition:  The artist was born in 1993 in Berlin and raised in Tübingen, at the moment he is an excellent master student  in arts with distinction at the University of Karlsruhe. In the exhibition he showed connected ideas in displays and reshaped the gallery. He gave the space a makeover and let off a new, cult-like room dedicated to his pictures. The new space could also be a stage on which his pictures appear. In another language game you could also speak of a contextual framing or a staging that takes one color from the white cube and lets the space jump back and forth between three colors.

CIM JUBKE placed one white and five brown 125-centimetre-high corrugated cardboards for his over-molding on the gallery walls and fitted them precisely up to the height of the exhibition rails jacked up with silver-grey aluminum parts. Two aluminum parts are painted, one carries its goods security label. The aluminum parts cite the colors of the neon tube sockets and the rods that cover the floor heating.

The exhibition rails on which the pictures have been hung up to have become holders. The west window of the gallery, the heater and the installed sockets disappear behind a free-standing construction, made up of three parts panel whose individual parts begin to move in space. The brown of the corrugated cardboard plays with the brown tones of the parquet, the cold white of the differently colored board with the somewhat warmer one of the walls, the daylight white emitted by the neon tubes and the other facets of white that can be found on the paintings.

In his exhibition “The Crisis in Geometry. An Eye On”, which is positioned between concept and classic painting, CIM JUBKE no longer appears as a pure painter, but as a artist who marries his paintings with the invention of displays and uses them to control perception. These shifts are strongly influenced by the weighting of the forces involved in free play and in the creation of art.

CIM JUBKE gives to the artist greater weight in this game due to the combination of concept and painting. The curator loses weight. Curating now just means choosing. Otherwise with the curating associated spatial presentation is taken over by the artist. You can for example compare it to Annette von Tietenberg. What does “curating” mean today? And finally, the primacy of the viewer, which is sometimes emphasized in the aesthetics of reception, is called into question. But the artist also half accommodates the viewer because he in his mixture of classic painting and concept shows what he is thinking and what the viewer is thinking. Usually the viewer wants to know what the artist is thinking when he is showing something.  –  Curator Helmut Albert Müller


Artist & Photographer:  CIM JUBKE



Art Space in Karlsruhe “Wieoftnoch”:






Photographer: ANTON MICHELS





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