CHILE: Streetart Angol – Caupolicán 130 – (artwork is gone)

Above are the names of high school students, which probably completed this mural at the end of 2018. As seen in their names, five students and a professor created the mural which has a naïve aesthetic.

The following it’s written on the wall at the left: L Ballaceyc, 4to Bic2, 2018 – C. Gálvez Carrasco, A. Ojeda Sepúlveda, J. Fuica Ogalde, T. Saavedra Medina – Historia, Geografia – Professor: Patricio Neira.

The mural exemplifies the most representative features of Angol: the Nahuelbuta National Park, the Araucaria Araucana or Pewen tree, and symbols and patterns of the Mapuche culture.

The second wall shows the puma, a volcano and the flora and fauna of the Araucania Region, the ancestral land of the Mapuche people called Wallmapu. A yellow ray separates that bucolic landscape with the city, represented by a two-story house.

Unfortunately, this sincere and honest mural, created by young people from the community, did not manage to complete two years, because as shown in this last photo, it was painted over the mural in black.

Salvador J. Seda  –  April 2021  –  Angol


Artists:  History & Geography Students: C. Gálvez Carrasco  –  A. Ojeda Sepúlveda  –  J. Fuica Ogalde  –  Professor: Patricio Neira

Photographer: Salvador Seda

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