Streetart  Woodstock  –  Cape Town

In the last few weeks, we’ve been hanging around in the southern hemisphere, exploring the South African savannah and searching for graffiti in Cape Town. Yes, there is a quarter in Capetown called Woodstock. There is not a big music festival there, but it is definitely one of the artistic-alternative trend districts. Between the many run-down or redesigned warehouses and factory buildings, the streets are peppered with art galleries and cool cafés. Events such as the Neighbor Goods Market at the Old Biscuit Mall or the Cape Town Street Food Festival are held regularly in the area around Albert Road.



The Grind Radio & Jade Wood – Pretoria

If you are a journalist and you go into the jungle you can find the strangest things. For example other journalists. But sometimes these other journalists are more interesting than the jungle at the moment. Some kind of these meetings happened in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay near the Iguazu Waterfalls this spring. Coincidental at the same time when we stood there in a mansion there was as well the journalist, national-geographic writer and co-founder of The Grind Radio: Jade Wood from South Africa.