OMAN: Streetart in the Sultanate

With this country we were really faced with a whole new challenge. Find graffiti and street art in Oman? … Hmmm … is there anything like that? First of all, we can say that so much can be found in architectural art and in a beautiful natural landscape. But with murals it looks more difficult. The whole sultanate consists almost entirely of desert and in the cities everything is kept very “uniform” and regulated. Nevertheless, Oman is one of the more open and liberal countries on the Arabian Peninsula, worth a visit. And we still found some graffiti stuff, but then you have to look very carefully.

By chance, we found the painted bridge piers and rediscovered them on two other “Wadis”, which is included in the list. For more pics from the Sinkholes and the Wadis, check out the links or the Infothek at the end. Full-scale benches in nowhere are not the eye-catcher now, but given the location completely off the beaten track in the desert, we then have run as a street art. Does not look very nice now, but Tagging is as well kind of streetart. We added as well some pics from galleries and nice Arabic artwork.

The “Wadis” are a cool thing, half-dried river courses or sinkholes, which fill up during the rainy days in a short time with a lot of water, but then just as quickly shrink back to a trickle size together. On the non-rain days, so almost all year round, you can swim in there super. Due to the high canyon walls, the rivers are only exposed to the midday heat and the water does not evaporate, even though the river is in the middle of the desert. With a rental car you can leave countless wadis and similar oases, via the Internet you can also anywhere and easily book accommodations nearby.

One should also have seen the capital Muscat when visiting the country and will have to do it anyway, because all planes arrive there with the travelers at the airport. The food is great, the bazaar, the fort and the royal castle, but there are also a handful of good galleries. For more non-streetart impressions about the city check out the Muscat Reportage. If you do not find much wall painting, then just art in the museum. And so we came across more street art again. There are very well painted houses around that small area. Namely the Ghalya’s Museum of Modern Art in Muscat. And even at the Street Treat Burgershop denigrates a nice graffiti outside, inside is currently being expanded and decorated with more pictures.

At Culture Trip you will find a list of a lot of other art venues to visit and a short description:



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