Streetart Luxembourg – Graffiti Bonanza

If you want to have a nice holiday in another country you don´t always have to fly around the whole world. There are heaps of nice places close by, doesn´t matter where you live. For us located in Frankfurt it is just three hours by car to the state of Luxemburg. Ideal for a recreation trip to the Moselle County with visits of numerous castles, fortresses and UNESCO world heritages. First we didn´t find any streetart at all overe there, maybe some little tagging on a tight corner. But we got convinced that there is definitely a lot of awesome streetart, it´s just concentrated on a huge spot. And by accident we found this little streetart goldmine and graffiti bonanza.


Kasematten and „The Grund“

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, French: Grand-Duché de Luxembourg) has 602.000 habitants and is the last remaining Grand Duchy or Grand Princedom of formerly twelve existing ones in Europe. The state borders to Belgium, France and Germany and forms the Benelux or Low Countries with Belgium and the Netherlands. The mainly rural shaped region is marked by the compact forests and natural reserves of the Ardennes in the north, in the east there are the rocky gorges of the Müllerthal and in the southeast the Moselle Valley. A dream for all nature lovers and hiking fans. The capital is called Luxembourg as well and is famous for its medieval old town which is located on a hill.


Bonanza Gallery

On one day we spend checking out the famous sights and did all that stuff. But on the next days we searched through the other quarters and districts, first we couldn´t find anything nearly graffiti like and countable material. But then in the neighborhood Hollerich we got lucky and stumbled over a real streetart gold mine and graffiti bonanza. There is a huge areal like a Hall of Fame, free for spray actions and painting for everybody. On the compound next to the Service de Sports there are several huge and smaller stockroom, industrial factory buildings and storehouses which are all covered from the top to the ground with amazing artworks.


Skatepark Hollerich

In the industrial areal near the Service de Sports in the suburb Hollerich there is a cool indoor skatepark. The buildings around are covered with hundreds of fantastic graffitis. Here are some photos. You find the adress below in the INFOTHEK or via the links. On the website there are links and infos about other skateparks in the country, as well about events and contests. The park is daily open between 11 and 22 o´clock. On several days there are courses with different experience level for skateboards, inlines, BMX and scooters.


Streetart Hollerich

While walking through the old town and city districts we couldn´t vision any graffiti. There have been merely some dirty tagging and gibberish writings on a few corners, but not the kind of art we were searching for. Still some works are worth to mention. Actually most of them are located in streets close to the huge graffiti areal, which will get presented below.