JAPAN: DougoyART Paintaction – Artists Baki Baki & Mon

We already stood several days in Matsuyama, we visited and explored all the fantastic sights and the interesting city. Actually we wanted to leave to Ōzu in the south the next day. But our friend Mathew Iannarone from the Sen Guesthouse recommended us definitely to stay another night because he has some secret special insider event. This hostel is a place we can very recommend by the way, but there will be an article about guesthouse owner Mathew and his exciting life in Japan in another article which is in preparation. But back to our special event, which really was worth it to stay. Mathew took us to a livingroom-live-painting session with the graffiti artists BAKI BAKI and MON. The name of the event is DougoyART. It´s an relaxed artistique festivity in an homelike atmosphere which was in the befriended guesthouse of Hisatsugu Shimizu. As well there is audio included and musicians are taking part, this time the band The Sun.

The evening was just very very cool and it was quite better to stay one more night in Matsuyama. Without Mathew we would never have heard anything about that event. This shows again that is of course nice to explore a country completely by yourself, but as well the insider advices of the locals are highly valuable.

Hisatsugu Shimizu is the owner of the noble and stylish guesthouse Onsen Dougoya and he is a big fan of art and painting of all kind. As well he wants to connect people and culture, past and present in his own special creative way and wants to try to bring art closer to the community. The visitors of his guesthouse do not only get accommodation, there is as well an interesting art and culture program waiting. For the third time now Hisatsugu – as well called „Bantu“ (= pure water) – organizes the event DougoyART. He provides the place and does the networking with the actors. The musicians and DJs are looking out for the good sound, the two sprayers take care for the visual entertainment. Furthermore in the kitchen there was a lot of delicious finger food, Japanese specialties and gourmet meals. As well of course tasty cocktails and awesome homebrew beer.

In some way the event was like a vernissage. On the other side it felt like being on a big birthday party at some friends home. Like a living-room-concert should be. The several artists worked nicely together. In the front there was the paint action, the band played music meanwhile, in the background supported the DJs. The room was therefore observation center, chill out area for the visitors, but also dance floor for the energetic ones and playground for the little children. A wonderful mix in a familiar atmosphere. We spoke with Hisatsugu Shimizu in an interview about the performance evening and the concept of his doings.

In the Japanese culture and on the streets there is not very much space and understanding of and for graffiti. There is nearly no streetart like we in Europe are used to see it everywhere. Still there are quarters in the metropolises like Americamura in Osaka. There it looks completely different, but in general this art type hasn´t arrived in Japan (yet).  If the society is conservative then you have to be smart and invent other ways to explain, communicate and introduce more abstract concepts. This is what Hisatsugu wants to do with his events, but as well the several artists in their own agenda. We generated a fast forwarded short movie clip about the paint action. The music is a live recording from the band The Sun of course.

The artist Baki Baki is from Osaka and took already part in the Dougoya event of the previous year. There he painted a whole room upstairs at the ryokan place: The Baki Baki room. To the next event here described in this article he asked his artist colleague Mon for company. The two already did some projects of this kind and baptized these events with the name „DOPPEL“. Like double. They both draw a painting together in a live performance at a public space location with selfmade music in the background. It´s a perfect match to Hisatsugu ´s ideas. We talked in a ryokan with Baki Baki about his art projects and his painting styles.

The second painter Mon is from the city of Nara. In Tokyo organizes huge creative network in an artist tower. There are heaps of events and conventions and artistic undertakings. On every floor there are other creators at work and realizing their brainpics. Mon painted with Baki Baki a colorful, energetic and historical connecting wall drawing. Old Japanese gods and samurai meet fresh graffiti colors. For sure we spoke with him as well in an interview about his artwork and the graffiti scene in Japan.

The done paintings and artworks stay in the guesthose after finishing and become part of the interior. The Baki Baki room is meanwhile the tearoom and Hisatsugu uses it for his tea ceremonies with the visitors.  The art lover is planning many other events in this still and as well he is open for new ideas and art collaborations.



Adress:  道後多幸町6-38,  Matsuyama 790-0841

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Baki Baki

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Sen Guesthouse

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