JAPAN: Gully & Manhole Design in Japan

Japan is just an awesome country, we really had an astonishing trip. The food is fantastic and the culture has a lot to offer. We have been so excited about all this „Japanese-Difference“… we went some kind of crazy… I don´t know how to describe it, it was like a „Japan-Obsession“. All these exotic signs, the loony pictures and the heaps of wacky things, which we saw and experienced there. For them normal, for us completely new, strange and fascinating. After a while we just have been overexcited about actually EVERYTHING. We were enthusiastic about the famous Samurai sites, about the great architecture and the wonderful gardens. But then we went as well mad in photographing soda machines, street signs and even manhole covers. It just all looks so stylish. Probably it would be different, if we could read the letters, but without that knowledge even „Please don´t park here“ looked like an amazing artwork.