Albania & Macedonia

Tirana Backpacker Hostel

On the one hand it was quite funny, but as well a bit shocking how many people have been strangely surprised, even frightened or just thought „WTF are these guys doing again? Are they totaly crazy-stupid?“ – when we said we will do a trip through Albania. I know you totaly shouldn´t trust the pictures and ideas you get infused by the medias, because it´s mostly total crap (except the ones from Feinripp of course), but it was still a very new experience for us and we realized during the road trip how wrong even our view has been. It opened our eyes in a lot of ways and i really like that. Albania was amazing, an absolutely underestimated country, that people (for now) still observe in a completely wrong way.



Streetart Durrës

We had already brought you some graffiti from Albania, the works were mostly from the capital Tirana, Korça and what you found on the way. A particularly village with very special paintings, however, is the coastal town of Durrës. It’s not just graffiti, but elaborate façade drawings. Here some of the stories are painted on the wall and provided with pictures, each work has a relationship to the homeowners and creators – which are often the same.



Skotis Hostel

Do you need some nice advice for a short trip or long term holiday destination? We already wrote something about a roadtrip through Albania and presented you the country as a new secret hint (Let´s go to Albania). The New York Times voted the country in the newcomer list of soonly be in demand places of interest. Our trip was definitly classic, we learned a lot, had fun and it was (still) quite cheap. The whole country is paved with UNESCO heritages, one of the most impressive cities is certainly Berat. We stood there for a few days in Skotis Backpacker Hostel.



Tirana´s Creative Pirates

There is a lot going on at the moment in Albania and overall in the capital Tirana. You see construction all over the country, buildings and new infrastructure just pop up everywhere from the ground, you just can see the development during the process. The country receives a lot of input, support and money from the EU especially for restoring and renovating the UNESCO heritages, for new roads and new facilities, as well tourism-oriented projects, to get the economy running. They are building everywhere you look. And they are not just behaving like there would be some construction, it really gets build and this happens fast.